The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases

29th April 2016
Institute of Child Health


This conference focuses on the exacerbated strain imposed by coinfection on an organism but also, in a broader sense, on healthcare systems and seeks to mobilise resources across diseases, regions and sectors to improve healthcare provision in terms of quality, access and cost. By addressing coinfection as a state in its own right, the conference seeks to move towards real gains in health and life experiences by being patient-focused rather than disease focused.

Discussions will be centered the lessons learned from coinfection by several NTDs and by NTDs and other diseases including TB, HIV and malaria, and will stem from four sessions looking at the following issues:

Session 1  Coinfections: dynamics for the future of the global health agenda
Session 2  Nutrition, NTDs & conditions of poverty
Session 3 Coinfections to collaborations: NTDs & the 'big 3’
Session 4 NTDs, disability & mental health

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DRAFT PROGRAMME (subject to change)

Opening address

Session 4 Disability & mental health

Pr. David Molyneux (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)
NTDs and Mental Health-recognizing the true burden of NTD morbidity

Pr. Gail Davey (Brighton & Sussex Medical School)
Disentangling depression and disability in NTDs: the example of podoconiosis

Dr. Julian Eaton (CBM) via skype
Neglected Tropical Diseases and Mental Health

NTDs and diseases of poverty inflict a tremendous burden on the patient as well as carers and family, not only physically but also financially, socially and emotionally. Disability remains one of the heaviest challenges faced by those infected with NTDs.

In addition, this leads to a widely unreported mental health issues. This sessions seeks to highlight this burden as well as raise the awareness and advocacy for greater collaboration across these fields.