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29th April 2016
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ISNTD Coinfections


The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases is an independent and not-for-profit organisation providing a multidisciplinary global platform to alleviate the burden of NTDs on the world's poorest and most vulnerable, with the ultimate goal of reaching sustainable healthcare provision & poverty reduction.

This goal cannot be achieved without strengthening the ties between all the parties already involved in NTD alleviation.

Membership is open to all with an interest in NTDs and global health and starts from £30 annually.

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Against the backdrop of the newly launched SDGs, ISNTD Coinfections brings together experts in NTDs, other diseases and associated conditions of poverty - including HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria - who will be addressing the latest developments in these fields and their impact on NTD control with a view to effectively impacting poverty and development in the long-run.

The aim is to improve the delivery of healthcare and poverty alleviation among the most vulnerable by integrating resources across research, funding and advocacy with a focus on disease prevention and cure programmes.

Emphasis will be placed on strongly developing the interconnect between disciplines to foster new approaches and partnerships to NTD- and poverty-reduction.

By addressing coinfection as a state in its own right, we want to move towards real gains in health and life experiences by being patient-focused rather than disease focused.

Attend ISNTD Coinfections if you want to:

  • LEARN from real pioneers, thought leaders, pharma, biotechs & NGOs in terms of best practice and case studies from the 'big 3' (HIV, TB, and malaria) and applications to NTDs
  • FORM partnerships and multidisciplinary collaborations for future NTD research and development
  • SPEAK with donors and NTD programme developers to gauge their needs
  • STRATEGISE on trends and technology needs within disease surveillance, outbreak and integrated vector control
  • REACH affected patient groups by aligning with existing 'big 3' NGO and research programmes
  • DEVELOP therapeutics, new drugs and vaccines to combat NTDs
  • UNDERSTAND the complex public/private funding structures within the NTD ecosystem
  • COMMERCIALISE academic research to include affected countries
  • DEVELOP novel diagnostic approaches to identify NTD coinfected populations
  • MOBILISE technology transfer channels to accelerate application of NTD research
  • REALISE the changing policy landscape and government /regional initiatives to combat NTDs
    • Please see the programme for further details.

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